Sunday, May 31, 2020

A Post about Future Blog Posts

Hello stranger! This blog post is mostly about what I hope to be doing with future blog posts. If you follow me on this site at all you know that my posts are very few and far between. This is mostly because I try to provide high-quality information. 

But the effort and time needed to do that is a lot. Plus I have been involved with several writing projects. Once I'm focused on a book or chapter I feel like I need to stay with it until it's done. Sometimes when I get ready to make a blog post, I think to myself, "But you could be spending this time getting your book completed." That is why I rarely do posts on this site. My energies have been directed elsewhere.

But the two book projects I have been working on are nearly finished (I’'ll give more info on these later). So I’m planning on doing more posts. These probably will be shorter and more informal, and not always as deeply researched and footnoted as some others have been. 

In short, I hope to put out more information on what I’m thinking about and writing about. Some of these might be in the genre of a tweet on Twitter, but a little longer.

Anyway, this post is the first step to getting back to writing on this site more. 

Thanks for reading!