Monday, March 20, 2017

Updates on Coming Books and Conferences

If you follow this blog you probably know that my book on the kingdom of God called, He Will Reign Forever: A Biblical Theology of the Kingdom of God, came out in February. But I have also been working on more. Here is an update.

First, at the time of this writing (March 20) I am close to releasing a revised and updated version of Dispensationalism: Essential Beliefs and Common Myths. The first edition came out in 2008 and was mostly the result of a Ph.D. paper I wrote on this topic in 2003. Obviously, after fourteen years this work was in need of updating. So in the next two weeks this book will be out in ebook form to be sold on Amazon. I am also working on a hard copy version but am not quite sure yet when this will be available. This could be out in the next month, so not too long. The original hard copy version was 73 pages, but this revised and updated version will be 113 pages. In the Preface I note how the two compare:

The contents of this book are a revision and update to the original 2008 version. The basic structure and content remain yet additional information has been added to each of the chapters. Plus, there are three new chapters: (1) “Continuity and Discontinuity in Dispensationalism”; (2) “Key Differences between Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology”; and (3) “Recommended Sources on Dispensationalism.” This revised and updated version offers approximately thirty-five additional pages from the original version.

Second, I have started work on a short booklet that will be a summary of the various Christian positions on New Testament Use of the Old Testament. I survey about six different views of how the New Testament persons and authors used the Hebrew Scriptures. I’m writing this now and am not sure when it will be done, but it should be finished in 2017. This will not be a full blown book on NT use of the OT that I hope to write someday, but this will be an important step in the process. If I ever write a bigger book again, it will probably be on this subject.

Third, I will be teaching a conference on Bible prophecy this April 22, hosted by Anza Baptist Church and Pastor Brad Pixley in Torrance, California. This conference is called: “Jesus Shall Reign: Understanding the Kingship of Jesus and His Second Coming.” I will be teaching four sessions. For more details click here.

Fourth, I will be going to Washington (state) in late May to do a conference. Details are being put together and I will keep you updated.

Fifth, I will probably be going to South Korea this September for a pastor’s conference on Israel and the church. I will provide more details as they come. 

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Of course, as always, I could use your prayers for all of the above.

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