Monday, February 26, 2018

A Case For Premillennialism

by Michael J. Vlach

I have presented a case for Premillennialism in two forms.

One is a book.

The other is a chapel message I did at The Master's Seminary (49 minutes).

Since Premillennialism is linked with so many Bible passages I focus mostly on a positive case for Premillennialism.

These two sources can be found below (click on links):

Premillennialism (book)

Chapel Message


  1. Audio message will not download properly; help!

  2. Mike:
    Thanks for your research, your publications in print and online of the truth of premillennialism. Scripture is full of the promises of the coming earthly kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is certainly disappointing that Biblical scholars holding to the truth of both premillennialism and dispensational theology have difficulty in getting published by the larger Christian publishing companies. Hopefully this will change in the future if sufficient numbers of Christians can lobby these companies to publish content from Pre-Mil and Dispensational authors. I am enjoying the online videos of the seminary classes you teach. We are never too old to learn. Thanks to the Master's Seminary for posting these videos. I look forward to your ongoing posting on your blog. Thanks for being a very bright light in a dark and cloudy theological spectrum.

  3. Ray, thank you for your very kind words. They are much appreciated.

  4. Thank you very much for your research and being a bright light in a dark world. I've learned a great deal from you. I recently read a book by Janet Willis, What on Earth is Heaven Like? It's been a great blessing as well.

  5. I’m not sure my last comment came through! Dr. Vlach thank you for this, you’re work is truly invaluable to me -I’m teaching Rev 20 for our Women’s Ministry tomorrow! Actually we are finishing up our 2 year study of Redemptive History (Gen-Rev) and your book, “He will Reign Forever” has been my trusted friend these past two years. I cannot thank the Lord enough for your work! Studying the Kingdom from Gen 1:26 on has been so thrilling!! I heard you have a new book coming out - how exciting! -Erin Coates