Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Experiences This Week at the Shepherds' Conference

I'm taking a brief break from my NT use of the OT series. I thought I’d share some thoughts on what’s been taking place recently.

First, it’s Shepherds’ Conference week here at The Master’s Seminary and Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA.  I’ve had a great couple of days of fellowship. So many old friends to talk to and new ones as well. This truly is one of my favorite times of the year. The relationships are like a little slice of what life will be on the coming New Earth. Plus visiting the book tables of the many Christian publishers here isn’t too bad either.

Those running the conference graciously allowed me to have a one hour book signing today (Thursday) for my new book Has the Church Replaced Israel? I was overwhelmed and humbled by the response today. I was expecting to sign maybe 10 books or so, but it was nonstop for a solid 70 minutes. I had a great time talking to everyone and met some great people. Near the end of my time period I was informed that my book had sold out, which was almost 200 copies that Broadman & Holman (the publisher) brought with them. I was also told by reps from Broadman & Holman that my first run of the book that was released in mid-October had sold out. This means the book will need a second printing which is exciting for me.

I do have some news in regard to my website— Those of you who are familiar with it are aware that it is painfully behind the times in its look and layout. But there will be some significant changes in the look within the next month. I’ll keep you posted on this. This blog too will get a facelift and should be much better.

I also have some great speaking opportunities coming up as a result of contacts I made at the conference. I’ll keep you posted on these as more information develops.

Tomorrow is the last day of conference. It has gone way too fast.


  1. Anybody from a Covenant prospective engage you today Dr. Vlach? Glad you were encouraged by all the fellowship and book pub.

  2. Mike,

    I tried to make it over to your book signing to say, "Hi!" but I got caught up elsewhere. I hope to get a chance to meet you on Friday.


  3. Kyle, Steph, Suzie. I did not have anybody from a Covenant perspective or at least no one said.

    Squirrel, stop by my office if you get a chance.

  4. Mike Vlach said...
    "Squirrel, stop by my office if you get a chance."

    ... which I did! Thanks for letting me drop by. It was a pleasure.