Sunday, March 20, 2011

An Update on Upcoming Publications and Conferences

I want to give an update on various writing and speaking projects I am involved with:

1.      The first printing of my book, Has the Church Replaced Israel, has sold out in four months and thus a second printing is necessary. I appreciate all who have been supportive of this effort and even those who do not agree but have given me a fair hearing.

2.       I am a contributor to a book to be released on June 1, 2011 called The Return of Christ: A Premillennial Perspective. My chapter is “Eschatology of the Pauline Epistles.” Others with chapters in this book include Jerry Vines, Paige Patterson, Craig Blaising, Danny Aiken, David Allen, and others. It is edited by David Allen and Steve Lemke and is published by Broadman & Holman. We were pleased to land a solid endorsement from John MacArthur for this book.

3.      I am contributing three chapters to an upcoming book put out by John MacArthur, Richard Mayhue, and other faculty members of The Master’s Seminary. The book, published by Moody Press, is a defense of Dispensationalism/Futuristic Premillennialism. Two of my chapters are an explanation of dispensational theology and the other is a rationale for the purpose of Israel in God’s plans. In sum, I argue that Christ’s role as True Israel includes the restoration of national Israel for His glory and purposes. This book will be released in 2012. I’ll give more updates on this as I become aware of them.

4.      Thomas Ice and the Pre-Trib Research Center have asked me to contribute a chapter to a book that will be released in time for the twentieth anniversary of the Pre-Trib Study Group Conference this December. My chapter is, “Israel and the Church and Why it Matters to the Rapture.” 

5.      This November 4–6 I will be speaking at Foothill Christian Fellowship in Meadow Vista, California on the topic of Biblical Prophecy.

6.      My long terms plans involve writing on the subject of New Testament use of the Old Testament. I will be teaching a Th.M. seminar this summer at The Master’s Seminary on this topic.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of these endeavors.


  1. Regarding 6., how do your views on the subject vary from that of Beale and Carson's Commentary on the Use of the OT in the NT?

    (I've been reading your recent series of posts on this subject but don't feel I understand enough to answer this question without your help, so thanks.)

  2. Great question blogforthelord...
    I hope to address this in more detail later, but in a nutshell, the new Carson and Beale book does not, by its own admission, deal with different theories of how the NT uses the OT. So it's hard to give you point by point comparisons and differences. With that said, I have listened to both Carson and Beale enough to know that they argue for a contextual understanding of the OT passsages by the NT writers on most occasions, which I think is a great thing. I actually love Beale's fight for contextual understandings of the OT by the NT writers.

    Where I differ from Beale is on the significance of Jesus being the "fulfillment" of the OT. We both agree that Jesus fulfills the OT and that Jesus is True Isrel, but he argues that since Jesus is True Israel, then everyone in Jesus is "Israel." I don't think that is right. Isaiah 49:3-6 indicates that Jesus' role as True Israel is to restore the nation Israel and bring blessings to the Gentiles as Gentiles. Thus there is no incorporation into Israel for believing Gentiles. Let me know if you have any more questions.